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Танцуй и пой,моя Россия 2019

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“Танцуй и пой, моя Россия!”

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AC/DC Show – Highway To Symphony – Crocus City Hall

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HIGHWAY TO SYMPHONY ! AC/DC orchestra show with symphony orchestra “Russian Philharmonic”

Your attention is presented to a unique show that does not have an analogue in the WORLD! The premiere of the show with a stunning success took place on December 12, 2017 at the Crocus City Hall stage. 11 years, thousands of torn strings and tens of thousands of kilometers of the way, hundreds of [...]

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7 день VII Международного фестиваля балета в Кремле

Day seven, September 28, 2018, the well-known world saga-ballet performance “Don Quixote” in the editorial office of Vladimir Vasiliev, a full hall of the Kremlin! The heroes of the evening, the leading soloists: Kitri-Masha Kochetkova Maria Kochetkova, Basil-Daniil Simkin! A magnificent and extraordinary spectacle took place on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace “on [...]

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Symphonic “KINO” / “Legendary songs of the group” KINO “with symphonic orchestra !!!

October 26, 2018 at 19:00, the State Kremlin Palace! This evening, Yuri Kasparian, Alexander Tsoi and the symphonic orchestra “Golden Age” under Anton Shaburov will perform the songs of the “Kino” group, beloved by the listeners. Original music scores by Igor Vdovin, lighting design and multimedia video content by Alexander Tsoi were developed for the [...]

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The sixth day of the VII International ballet festival in the Kremlin!!!

The sixth day: September 27, 2018, the ballet “Swan Lake” (on “the fifth day” there were stage rehearsals and rehearsals in the halls for the next days of the festival)! The main parts in the play “Swan Lake” were performed by Polina Semionova (Odette-Odile) and Alejandro Vireyes (Prince Siegfried)! It was divine, individual, unique, luxurious! [...]

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International Ballet Festival in the Kremlin

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VII Международный фестиваль балета в Кремле (Москва) продолжается, «День третий» и «День четвёртый» завершились…

The third day (September 24, 2018) was marked by the performance of the play “La Bayadere” performed by a beautiful couple from the Mariinsky Theater, by the princess Ekaterina Kondaurova and Prime Minister Timur Askerov! Clear and impeccable, restrained and emotional performance, aristocratic and academic “St. Petersburg” school, whose representatives were this premier couple made [...]

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“The Scarlet Flower” in State Kremlin Palace

The Seventh International Ballet Festival began the night before at the State Kremlin Palace. In the repertoire, as always, staging the theater “Kremlin Ballet” with the participation of world ballet stars. Recall that one of the main tasks of the theater is the creation of original works on the basis of classical literary material. For [...]

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