February 28, 2016. MOSCOW. National Music Award “BOLGAR RADIO”!

The national music award “Bolgar Radio” – the annual music award, which was established by the radio station “Bulgarian Radio”!

The laureates of the award are the performers who won the first places in the audience voting in the program “Musical Diste” on the channel TNV, which is held since January 2015. It is noteworthy that the winners can easily be songs of both experienced and famous artists, as well as compositions of young performers, because the best of the best determines the viewer.

It is the objective voting of viewers that allows the “Bulgarian Radio” award to open new names in the Tatar stage, and to appear in new bright images for a long time familiar and beloved by all the artists.

Among the nominees of the award, such names as Khania Farkhi, Zainab Farhetdinova and Zufar Bilalov, Guzel Urazova and Ildar Khakimov, Filyus Kagirov, Rishat Tukhvatullin, Radik Yulyakshin, Marcel Vagizov, Firdus Tyamaev, Danir Sabirov, Ilham Valiev, IleSaf , duet of Marat & Arthur, Zhavit and Zulfiya Shakirovs, Kazan Egetlare, Alsu Abulkhanova, Gulsiren Abdullina, Razil Kamalov and Rafina Ganyullina, ALSU, Kamil Larin, Shurale group, Tatar State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan State Conservatory orchestra Vator “Tatarica” ​​and other …

The leading TV channels TNV and Bolgar-radio will appear before you in completely unexpected interesting and new formats!

All this is to be seen by all guests of one of the most anticipated musical events of the Tatar stage, which will become a real festival of live Tatar music and Tatar pop songs …

During the concert, TV shooting will be made ..