Five evenings

Age category: 16+
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes with intermission

The play “Five Evenings” – A penetrating and touching love story – a long life story …
One glance at the window, at the house in which they were young, many years ago, happy and in love …
During the “Five Evenings”, the protagonists Ilyin and Tamara are building their relations against the backdrop of the emerging relationship of a young couple – the nephew of Tamara Slavik and his friend Katya.
A snow-covered city, a yard twisted with “Leningrad grids” … Will swirl the snowstorm and again return the heroes to the choice of their fate, will they be able to fix everything, believe each other and finally be happy then?

Alexander Volodin’s famous play is familiar to a wide audience on the film of the same name by Nikita Mikhalkov with Lyudmila Gurchenko in the title role ..
The performance “Five Evenings” is staged by a magnificent creative team: the director Pavel Safonov, the artist Marius Yatsovskis, the composer Faustas Latenas, the choreographer Alisher Khasanov are known for their works in the leading Russian theaters (Evgeny Vakhtangov Theater, Malaya Bronnaya Theater, Satire Theater, Sovremennik, theater-studio of Oleg Tabakov, etc.). The main role in the performance is played by Artistic Director of the Theater of the Moscow Art Theater, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Nonna Grishaeva.

Nona Grishaeva: For me, the role of Tamara takes its roots from childhood. I have lived this role for many years and dreamed of playing in this performance.

Director Pavel Safonov: this performance as a charcoal drawing on a white wall is a combination of naivety, humor, a lived life and love carried through the years …

Directed by: Pavel Safonov
Set designer: Marius Yatsovskis
Costume Designer: Janina Kushtevskaya
Composer: Faustas Latenas
Choreographer: Alisher Khasanov

Characters and performers
Tamara: Honored Artist of Russia Nonna Grishaeva
Ilyin: Alexey Ryzhkov
Glory: Ilya Ilinykh
Katya: Khristina Poluyanova, Lyudmila Munirova
Zoya: Olga Loseva, Anastasia Dvoretskaya
Timofeev: Mikhail Dorozhkin, Igor Larin