The sixth day of the VII International ballet festival in the Kremlin!!!

The sixth day: September 27, 2018, the ballet “Swan Lake” (on “the fifth day” there were stage rehearsals and rehearsals in the halls for the next days of the festival)!

The main parts in the play “Swan Lake” were performed by Polina Semionova (Odette-Odile) and Alejandro Vireyes (Prince Siegfried)! It was divine, individual, unique, luxurious! The canonical classics-the play “Swan Lake” in the Kremlin exceeded all expectations: the almost full hall of the Kremlin Palace, according to the reaction of the audience to what was happening on the stage, produced the impression of a “football match” of the clubs of Manchester United-Real Madrid !!! Even some “skeptics” writing who are in a state of prejudiced “dislike” for the work of the Kremlin Ballet Theater have patiently died in convulsions of “entangling” doubts …
Odette-Odile Polina Semionova Dmitry Semionov was a genuine multi-carat diamond in a luxurious frame, in other words, a truly “exceptional rare ballerina-value” of world scale, practically ballet perfection … Prince Siegfried (Alejandro Vireyes Alexandro Alejandro Virelles) – this is the embodiment of natural masculinity, aristocracy, the lack of deliberate “mannerisms”! It is a master of dance, fluent in any male technique, with inner intelligence and special attention to the ballerina! The troupe of the theater “Kremlin ballet” (Kremlin ballet) and the soloists of the theater were no less worthy !!! Teachers have done a wonderful job! The performance took place on a high emotional and creative upsurge! Bravo, bravo, and many more times … !!!! Grateful audience, literally “did not let go” the performers on the final bow, “flunked” with flowers and accompanied the play and the soloists with powerful long applause! The festival continues!
Tomorrow, September 28, 2018, Don Quixote !!! It will definitely “hot” and “cool” !!! Dance incomparable ballet prima Maria Kochetkova Maria Kochetkova (Kitri), and one of the best dancers of our time Daniil Simkin Daniil Simkin (Basil) !!! The street dancer and Mercedes are Alina Kaicheva, Espada-Mikhail Eugenyov, Lady Dryad-Catherine Pervushina and others, and of course the troupe of the Kremlin Ballet Theater under the leadership of the People’s Artist of Russia Andrei Petrov !!! Success and good luck