7 день VII Международного фестиваля балета в Кремле

Day seven, September 28, 2018, the well-known world saga-ballet performance “Don Quixote” in the editorial office of Vladimir Vasiliev, a full hall of the Kremlin!
The heroes of the evening, the leading soloists: Kitri-Masha Kochetkova Maria Kochetkova, Basil-Daniil Simkin! A magnificent and extraordinary spectacle took place on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace “on the seventh day”! Brilliant world ballet “stars” have demonstrated the highest level of performing, technical and acting skills! Thanks to the phenomenal possession of his body, his technical perfection, and the verified mesencescenes, it seemed that “nothing is impossible” on the stage for Mary and Daniel!
Emotions and passions overwhelmed the hearts of artists and spectators! It was a real ballet-performance, friends! It is worth noting also the soloists of the Theater “Kremlin Ballet” – the bright and “burning” Alina Kaicheva (Street dancer, the gypsy Mercedes), the authoritative, restrained and at the same time accessible master Yekaterina Pervushina (Lady Dryad), comic aristocrat Evgeniya Koroleva (Gamash ), the easy and ridiculous “good fat man” Subudaya Khomushko! Also, I express my gratitude to the troupe, the teachers of the theater “Kremlin Ballet” (artistic director Andrey Petrov), to the services and the leadership of the FGBUK GCD! The performance was uniquely successful! The sea of ​​flowers and a flurry of spectator applause, to that true testimony
Ahead of the final stage of the VII International Festival Marathon is the ballet by Henry Mayorov “Chippolino”!