“The shining peaks of the Caucasus”

“The Shining Peaks of the Caucasus” / Festival “Dance and Sing, My Russia”
November 28, 2019 19:00

The legendary creative groups of the Caucasus on the main stage of the country! At the State Kremlin Palace, the premiere program of the concert seasons of the All-Russian Folk Art Festival “Dance and Sing, My Russia!” Will be presented to the audience.

The first program of the festival’s seasons will be devoted to the musical, vocal, choreographic, ethnic heritage of the peoples of the Caucasus.

The concert program “Legends of the Caucasus” (or “The Shining Peaks of the Caucasus”) will present centuries-old traditions, myths and legends, rites and customs of these regions of Russia, which are the main “code” of Caucasian culture.

“The history of the Caucasus lives in legends. They have the beauty of the human soul, nobility and a sense of duty, they have love and dedication, pride in their land. All that is in the legends is not fiction. Every trail, every river or mountain peak carries a secret, the name of which is a legend ”

The participants:

- State Academic Order “Friendship of Peoples” dance ensemble “Alan” (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania);

- State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of Adygea “Nalmes” (Republic of Adygea);

- State Academic Dance Ensemble “Kabardinka” (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic);

- State Academic Honored Dance Ensemble “Lezginka” (Republic of Dagestan);

- Theater-dance studio “Kilikia” (Republic of Armenia);

- Chorus of the Georgian polyphony “Acapella-Saqartvelo” (Georgia);

- Children’s exemplary ensemble of Georgian dance “Halisi” (Georgia);

- participant of the show “Voice” Sharif (Chechen Republic);

- Dance Ensemble “Ansar” (Chechen Republic).

It has become a good tradition of the festival to present participating teams not only their best numbers and compositions, which are their calling cards. But, also in the program of the festival, the groups present to the audience new, premiere numbers created specifically for the thematic concert programs of the festival.

Branded, iconic creative numbers are the property and cultural heritage of these regions. These unique numbers, priceless “diamonds” of Russian culture are admired by the whole world.

New numbers, prepared especially for this concert program of the “Legends of the Caucasus” festival seasons, will further adorn the rich repertoire of groups of participants and will be included in their golden creative fund.

“Dance and sing, my Russia!” Is a festival of peace and goodness, a festival of Russia’s cultural heritage, in which the best academic groups of the country, which are the cultural heritage of Russia, as well as honored guests of the festival take part.

A high degree of performance culture, sophistication and filigree vocal, instrumental and dance performance – this is what always distinguishes real art!

We are proud to present you a new chapter in the development of the festival, the narrative concert – “Legends of the Caucasus” (or “The Shining Peaks of the Caucasus”).

The event will be televised.

Duration: up to 3 hours (with intermission).