• "The shining peaks of the Caucasus"
    “The Shining Peaks of the Caucasus” / Festival “Dance and Sing, My Russia” November 28, 2019 19:00 The legendary creative groups of the Caucasus on the main stage of the country! At the State Kremlin Palace, the premiere program of the concert seasons of the All-Russian Folk Art Festival “Dance and Sing, My Russia!” Will be presented to the audience. The first program of the festival's seasons will be devoted to the musical, vocal, choreographic, ethnic heritage of the peoples of the Caucasus. The concert program "Legends of the Caucasus" (or "The Shining Peaks of the Caucasus") will present centuries-old traditions, myths and legends, rites and customs of these regions of Russia, which are the main "code" of Caucasian culture. “The history of the Caucasus lives in legends. They have the beauty of the human soul, nobility and a sense of duty, they have love and dedication, pride in their land. All that is in the legends is not fiction. Every trail, every river or mountain peak carries a secret, the name of which is a legend ” The participants: - State Academic Order "Friendship of Peoples" dance ensemble "Alan" (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania); - State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of Adygea “Nalmes” (Republic of Adygea); - State Academic Dance Ensemble “Kabardinka” (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic); - State Academic Honored Dance Ensemble "Lezginka" (Republic of Dagestan); - Theater-dance studio "Kilikia" (Republic of Armenia); - Chorus of the Georgian polyphony "Acapella-Saqartvelo" (Georgia); - Children's exemplary ensemble of Georgian dance "Halisi" (Georgia); - participant of the show “Voice” Sharif (Chechen Republic); - Dance Ensemble "Ansar" (Chechen Republic). It has become a good tradition of the festival to present participating teams not only their best numbers and compositions, which are their calling cards. But, also in the program of the festival, the groups present to the audience new, premiere numbers created specifically for the thematic concert programs of the festival. Branded, iconic creative numbers are the property and cultural heritage of these regions. These unique numbers, priceless “diamonds” of Russian culture are admired by the whole world. New numbers, prepared especially for this concert program of the “Legends of the Caucasus” festival seasons, will further adorn the rich repertoire of groups of participants and will be included in their golden creative fund. “Dance and sing, my Russia!” Is a festival of peace and goodness, a festival of Russia's cultural heritage, in which the best academic groups of the country, which are the cultural heritage of Russia, as well as honored guests of the festival take part. A high degree of performance culture, sophistication and filigree vocal, instrumental and dance performance - this is what always distinguishes real art! We are proud to present you a new chapter in the development of the festival, the narrative concert - “Legends of the Caucasus” (or “The Shining Peaks of the Caucasus”). The event will be televised. Duration: up to 3 hours (with intermission).
  • HIGHWAY TO SYMPHONY ! AC/DC orchestra show with symphony orchestra "Russian Philharmonic"
    Your attention is presented to a unique show that does not have an analogue in the WORLD! The premiere of the show with a stunning success took place on December 12, 2017 at the Crocus City Hall stage. 11 years, thousands of torn strings and tens of thousands of kilometers of the way, hundreds of concerts in Russia and abroad - in other words - It's a Long Way To The Top! The spectators are expecting an explosive large-scale show: the best hits and guitar riffs of two eras of Australian rockers, power beating over the edge, original scenery, symphonic integration and interpretation of heavy rock! Musicians create a stunning sound, as close as possible to the original! The AC / DC merger with the symphony orchestra is being held for the first time !!! For the first time in one program - ALL epochs AC / DC !!! HIGHWAY TO SYMPHONY - this is a unique show of stadium scale! This is the pure energy of Australian rock, driving sound and harmony By launching in 2007 EASY DIZZY, in fact, added to the use of the new, evoking skepticism in the Russian viewer the word "tribute". However, with a scrupulous attitude and a real love for music AC / DC, the team quickly destroyed stereotypes! Armed with the army of the same as they are fans of Australian legends, every year Easy Dizzy "planted" hundreds of people on a live "high-voltage rock'n'roll." Chris Slade (AC / DC): "... These guys are real professionals. They are just NOTE PERFECT. EASY DIZZY is the best AC / DC tribute I had ever heard »- CHRIS SLADE (AC / DC). MAIN HEROES: Sean Mulvihill. The cult period of the "high-voltage" rock'n'roll, inextricably linked with the personality of Bona Scott, is personified by a specially invited guest, straight from the sunny Los Angeles'a (USA) - Sean Mulvihill (BONFIRE). The vocalist of the American band is BONFIRE, without any exaggeration the best voice of Bon Scott in the WORLD! EASY DIZZY is the first and only Russian official tribute to AC / DC. Moscow Symphony Orchestra "Russian Philharmonic" opens a new sound for the creators of cult Australians and gives the event a truly unusual atmosphere. The best orchestra of Russia, with great success performing in the largest concert halls at home and abroad. The only orchestra that equally successfully and highly professionally performs music of various styles and genres - from classics to rock. Critics point out the special energy of the concerts, which does not leave any of the thousands of listeners indifferent. Honored Artist of Belarus Viktor Babarikin is the chief conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus and a great professional of his work. The maestro has a huge experience of performing with Russian and world rock stars. Conductor of concerts with a symphony orchestra of such world stars as Scorpions, Sarah Connor, Alessandro Safína and many others
  • Symphonic "KINO" / "Legendary songs of the group" KINO "with symphonic orchestra !!!
    October 26, 2018 at 19:00, the State Kremlin Palace! This evening, Yuri Kasparian, Alexander Tsoi and the symphonic orchestra "Golden Age" under Anton Shaburov will perform the songs of the "Kino" group, beloved by the listeners. Original music scores by Igor Vdovin, lighting design and multimedia video content by Alexander Tsoi were developed for the project taking into account modern specifics and nuances. Unprecedented design, which has no analogues on the domestic stage and is so warmly received by the public, shows how to translate into reality the catch phrase "Tsoi Zhiv!". Thanks to this format, it was possible to create not just an illusion, but a visible, tangible and beautiful reality. Conductor Anton Shaburov: "Now it's mandatory for the world's top orchestras - to have in our catalog a program dedicated to the best rock samples. 15-16 years ago, the London Symphony Orchestra released a whole disc of symphonic versions of the songs of bands Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen and so on. Of course, in the territory of the CIS, snobbish remnants in academia have remained here and there, but this is already dying out. Symphonic rock is the reality of today. " A real gift for the fans was the participation in the project of Yuri Kasparian "native speaker". The unrepeatable, recognizable from the first note the riff of his guitar, as if carrying us at that time and makes us feel and understand the songs of the "Kino" group even deeper. Polished melodic lines, quivering arrangement, principled preservation of accents exactly where Viktor Tsoi left them, as well as voluminous and enveloping sound-all this is already "Symphonic Cinema" Yuri Kasparian: "Interesting sensations, drowning in the sea of ​​music, you forget yourself. Right now I almost like everything, the first steps were, let's say, enthusiastically, but musically not very confident, but now a good level, I like it. The songs of "Kino" are part of me, and I am a part of them. I like them, and I do not want to distance myself from them. " Son of rock musician Alexander Tsoi, created for the project multimedia content, fully reflecting the entire style of the group. Since the premiere of the "Symphonic Film" project, success has confirmed that Viktor Tsoi still lives in the hearts of thousands of people, and the symphonic sound makes this project universal for understanding listeners of any rank and any musical preference. "Symphonic Cinema" is an original creation, completely inspired by the poetic and compositional genius of Viktor Tsoi. This is something more than just beautiful melodies - this is a fascinating show, from which the "goose bumps" are running around the body ... A unique show, for the anniversary of the album "Blood Group", will not leave indifferent not only fans of Viktor Tsoi and the "Kino" group, but also all fans of Russian rock. 100% live sound!
  • Stand UP 3+2
    October 27, 2018 19:00 Popular residents Stand UP Pavel Dedischev and Rasul Chabdarov, as well as the host of the "Comedy Radio" stand-up and a happy man Yevgeny Chebatkov and the absolute winners of the project "Comedy Battle" duet "Lena Cook" + favorite sketches and of course the completely fresh stories and jokes, in one new Show "StandUP Three + Two" program You will find out where in Russia they say what the real Caucasus is, why go to Canada to return and of course you will see an absolutely new blockbuster from the duo "Lena Cooka" !!! Traditionally, Stand UP on the stage of the Cultural Center "Moskvich" is a tsunami of humor, a friendly atmosphere is an evening of positive and excellent mood, under the control of super popular actors of a colloquial genre! "StandUP Three + Two" is the official supplier of excellent mood! We don't have forbidden topics! 18+
  • Five evenings

    Age category: 16+ Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes with intermission The play "Five Evenings" - A penetrating and touching love story - a long life story ... One glance at the window, at the house in which they were young, many years ago, happy and in love ... During the "Five Evenings", the protagonists Ilyin and Tamara are building their relations against the backdrop of the emerging relationship of a young couple - the nephew of Tamara Slavik and his friend Katya. A snow-covered city, a yard twisted with "Leningrad grids" ... Will swirl the snowstorm and again return the heroes to the choice of their fate, will they be able to fix everything, believe each other and finally be happy then? Alexander Volodin's famous play is familiar to a wide audience on the film of the same name by Nikita Mikhalkov with Lyudmila Gurchenko in the title role .. The performance "Five Evenings" is staged by a magnificent creative team: the director Pavel Safonov, the artist Marius Yatsovskis, the composer Faustas Latenas, the choreographer Alisher Khasanov are known for their works in the leading Russian theaters (Evgeny Vakhtangov Theater, Malaya Bronnaya Theater, Satire Theater, Sovremennik, theater-studio of Oleg Tabakov, etc.). The main role in the performance is played by Artistic Director of the Theater of the Moscow Art Theater, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Nonna Grishaeva. Nona Grishaeva: For me, the role of Tamara takes its roots from childhood. I have lived this role for many years and dreamed of playing in this performance. Director Pavel Safonov: this performance as a charcoal drawing on a white wall is a combination of naivety, humor, a lived life and love carried through the years ... ___________________________________________________________________ Directed by: Pavel Safonov Set designer: Marius Yatsovskis Costume Designer: Janina Kushtevskaya Composer: Faustas Latenas Choreographer: Alisher Khasanov Characters and performers Tamara: Honored Artist of Russia Nonna Grishaeva Ilyin: Alexey Ryzhkov Glory: Ilya Ilinykh Katya: Khristina Poluyanova, Lyudmila Munirova Zoya: Olga Loseva, Anastasia Dvoretskaya Timofeev: Mikhail Dorozhkin, Igor Larin

  • The legendary song of the Kino 26.10.18
    October 26, 2018 at 19:00 on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace will be presented a symphonic rock show "Legend - the legendary songs of the group" Cinema ". This is an official project, specially prepared for the jubilee of Victor Tsoi. In the program "Legends" - 20 top compositions of "Kino", specially selected from all albums of the famous collective; this is a magnificent game of the "Golden Age" Symphony Orchestra and an incredibly accurate, live musical and vocal performance of your favorite compositions by the rock band "Sun Days". The premiere of the musical project "Legendary Songs of" Kino "was held in the State Kremlin Palace a year earlier, accompanied by the symphony orchestra" Russian Philharmonic ". Symphonic cucumbers in the State Kremlin Palace After a great start the project was successfully held not only in Russia, but also abroad, including St. Petersburg, Astana, Minsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk and many other cities. Now the project is entering a new stage of its development with the "Legend" program. Original musical scores performed by the symphonic orchestra "The Golden Age", design and style were developed for the project separately - the best specialists from Russia and Belarus worked on them. The uniqueness of the show lies in the effect of "inverted glasses". Part of the audience is sometimes skeptical before the performance, but from the first minutes of the show, getting into reality with the effect of the presence of the "legend", together with the whole audience they start singing the group's favorite songs, and the former skeptics can not stop! It's not a parody, it's a real "Cinema"! That's how it speaks about the show Zemfira: "I think that you get a lot of praiseworthy reviews, but I just could not keep silent and do not say thank you. And I will say more (yes, I will not be comprehended by a rock band!), Recently I was at a concert of the "Picnic" in the BKZ, and at least I love "Picnic" long and hard, but for some reason (I do not know why), your speech was made on I am much more impressed than the dearly loved "Picnic". And this despite the fact that in BKZ and the sound is more abrupt, and there are a lot of different things ... Again, many thanks to you all for the concert! " Behind the conductor's panel of the Symphonic Orchestra "Golden Age" is the main conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus Viktor Babarikin. In his luggage, he has extensive experience of performing with Russian and world rock stars - for example, the maestro conducted the orchestra at a Scorpions concert! A unique show, specially prepared for the anniversary of Viktor Tsoi, will not leave indifferent not only fans of Viktor Tsoi and the "Kino" group, but also all fans of Russian rock. 100% live sound! There is a TV-shooting.
  • Festival of Music and Dance "Bridge of Friendship"
    April 7, 2018, in the State Kremlin Palace, the first, unique festival of pop-Tatar-Bashkir song, music and dance "Bridge of Friendship" (Duslyk Cooper) started. The festival, in addition to Moscow, covered the 11 largest capitals of the regions of our country and was also held in the cities of Kazan, Ufa, Penza, Ulyanovsk, Samara, Orenburg, Sterlitamak, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk! The project allows only "live" sound and vocals - special attention is paid to the absence of "phonograms recorded at studios", computer processing and artificial "stretching" of the voice. Innovative decorations, computer graphics and lighting and technical design of the stage decorated the festival scene. Super-popular artists of two kindred cultures, vernacular variety compositions, new songs in original arrangements, retro songs in a new sound, folk Tatar melodies, unusual duets, music and national dances - all this was held on April 7, 2018 in the State Kremlin Palace! PARTICIPANTS: Hamdun Timergaliyeva, Aidar Galimov, Zainab Farkhetdinova and Zufar Bilalov, Guzel Urazova and Ildar Khakimov, Radik Yulyakshin (Elvin Gray), Fidan Gafarov, Ilgam Valiev, Rinat Valiev (bayan), IlSaf, IRKE, Riaz Fasikhov, ALSU, Marcel Vagizov, Ilsia Badretdinova, Alsu Abulkhanova, Guzelia & Hakim, the group "Kazan Egetlare", " Azat Vakhitov (tugan tel), Rinat Safin, Ilham Sharif, Gulnaz Asayeva, Ranis Gabbazov, Gulsiren Abdullina, Azat Abitov, Aysylu Gabdinova, State Song and Dance Ensemble, pop orchestra and many others. Special guests: STARS OF THE RUSSIAN ESTRADA! Leading programs "Duslik Cooper": Maxim Sharafutdinov (1st TV channel, Moscow) Gulnaz Safarova (popular radio and TV presenter, Kazan) Firdat Galiev (Ufa)
  • METALLICA SHOW S&M 26.04.18
    In April 1999, American conductor Michael Kamen recorded with Metallica a unique concert of S & M - Symphony & Metallica. Famous for the whole world rock musicians, together with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, performed 21 songs in front of a crowd of many thousands. Because of the complex arrangements, the show even had to be divided into two days. Subsequently, for the song The Call of Ktulu, the group together with the conductor received the Grammy Award, and the double concert record became cult. But, what is most surprising in this concert - it became unique literally! In fact, despite the multi-platinum status of the DVD, the band never once decided to repeat this performance. A few years later, Michael Kamen died, and any hope of seeing such a representation has died out. In addition, it was Jason Newsted's latest recording as a Metallica bass player, and after this release, the world's most famous rock band plunged into chaos for several years. In 15 years after the historic concert many would like to repeat the epic show, but the complexity of this grandiose event discourages even professional organizers. As a result of long reflections, creative work on the most complicated material, elaboration of scores, creation of surprising light, stage design, exhausting castings and subsequent numerous rehearsals, a professional team of like-minded people decided to recreate a legendary concert, combine heavy rock and symphony orchestra, breathing new life into classic hits : Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets ... Artistic director of the project Metallica Show - Viktor Babarikin, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus. The orchestra under his management accompanied the performances of world music grandees: Demis Roussos, Sarah Connor, Dmitri Hvorostovsky. But the most interesting for the maestro was the collaboration with the legends of rock - Scorpions. Victor Babarikin is one of the few academic musicians who deeply understands and appreciates hard rock. And when it comes to such complex music as Metallica, without a specialist with experience "on both fronts" is indispensable. The project Metallica Show passed through dozens of rehearsals in various compositions - from a chamber group to several virtuoso musicians to a large symphony orchestra of 60 people. Persistent work of four arrangers for several months (only several pages with notes of several thousand!), The conductor and rock musicians allowed to verify each note. The turning point in the formation of the show was the invitation of professional musicians instead of the usual tribute band. The main characters of the evening are heavy performers, known not only in Russia, but also abroad; viewers meet them with unchanged ecstasy. This is not an exaggeration: judging by the reviews, often people prefer the sound of the Metallica Show to Metallica's concert itself. Behind several dozen successful concerts in Russia: the show was sold out in Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Ufa, Samara, Togliatti, Sochi, Novosibirsk, Surgut, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and other cities. For three years the total number of spectators of the program exceeded 30 thousand people. The choice of the State Kremlin Palace for such a program is not an exception, but a regularity. After 5000 spectators in the Crocus City Hall the show returned to the heart of the capital, the most prestigious and famous hall in Russia. Six thousand seats, stunning lighting, but most importantly - the sound of incredible purity and power! The Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra of Moscow "The Russian Philharmonic" is invited to the Kremlin, successfully performing in the largest concert halls around the world. The orchestra conducts more than 100 concerts per season and for 15 years has deservedly won the love of Russians, has become a famous international brand. This is the best Russian orchestra, which equally performs both classical and rock. At the concert, classical compositions from the S & M album were performed, but the highlight of the show was a few extra hits of Metallica, for which professional arrangers wrote orchestral parts. Itself Metallica did not play them! Despite the complexity, the original two-day concert lasting 2.5 hours will be performed in one evening. It should be noted that the program was held in English in the traditions of the best international shows, because already in 2018 the project reached the world level: concerts in Paris, Prague, Mexico, Satyago, etc. have already been scheduled.
    On March 18, 2018 the main stage of Russia will celebrate the International day of theater and dance with the state academic ensembles of Russia in the unique program DANCE AND SING, MY RUSSIA!. For the first time in 40 years the glorified academic choir and dance ensembles come together at the State Kremlin Palace! National songs and dances are the masterpieces representing a big part of the Russian culture. It is what is called cultural heritage. Carriers of this culture, guarantors of their safety, enhancement and continuation of song and dancing tradition from generation to generation are the national choral and dancing collectives of Russia. DANCE AND SING, MY RUSSIA! is a program of peace and goodwill engaging some of the best academic choral and dancing ensembles of Russia. High level of culture of performance, elegance, filigree finishing of all vocal, instrumental, and dancing details! The project is aimed at unification of the people of Russia with the help of the language of song, music and dance, revival and promoting of national culture, exchange of the accumulated cultural professional experience by representatives of groups from different regions of the country, and also to the dynamic development of choral and dancing art! More than one thousand participants will step on the stage: singers, dancers, musicians. In a word – the real ARTISTS! The best samples of choral and song genres will be performed, with fiery and popular dances! The concert will be filmed for broadcasting.
    Educational creative project "NTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THEATER" was once again held on the stage of "Moskvich" event, addressed to all who are interested in real art. The project "It is interesting about the theater" realizes the goal of cultural enlightenment of the modern spectator. Before the performance, the audience was waiting for a meeting with the candidate of art criticism, the theater critic, columnist of the magazine "Ballet" Roman Volodchenkov, who told about the work of the outstanding choreographer Marius Petipa and the story of the creation of the magical charming ballet "Sleeping Beauty" by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Speech by Roman Volodchenkov gave the viewer the opportunity to watch classical ballet consciously, knowing the nuances and basic canons of ballet art. His story was extremely useful and interesting for those who first came to the play and are not familiar with the plot. Magic fairies, insidious sorceress Carabos, Puss in Boots, Blue Bird, Little Red Riding Hood are all the characters of the ballet "Sleeping Beauty" created by Charles Perrault's fairy tale. This is the story of Princess Aurora, Prince Desiree and love who created a miracle! In the party of Princess Aurora - the leading soloist of the Theater "Kremlin Ballet" Laureate of International Contests Joy Womack (California, USA).
    For the first time in the post-Soviet space, 40 years later, the renowned academic choir and dance groups in the festival program gathered in the State Kremlin Palace! [nggallery id = 27] Participants: State Academic Russian Folk Choir named after M. Pyatnitsky Moscow State Academic Dance Theater "Gzhel" State Academic Ryazan Russian Folk Choir named after E. Popov State Academic Orenburg Russian Folk Choir State Academic Voronezh Choir named after Mussalitinov State Academic Dance Ensemble "Alan" The Tatar State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan The Volga State Russian Folk Choir named after P.Miloslavov State Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Republic of Komi named after V. Morozov "Asya Kya" State Orchestra of the Moscow Regional Philharmonic Society "Guslar of Russia" State Children's Song and Dance Ensemble named after Loktev and others. Folk songs and dances are masterpieces that make up a powerful layer of Russian culture. This is what is called a cultural heritage. The bearers of this culture, the guarantors of their safety, augmentation and continuation of the song and dance tradition from generation to generation are folk choral and dance groups of our Motherland The festival "DANCE AND SING, MY RUSSIA!" Is a program of peace and good, in which some of the best academic choir and dance groups of Russia will take part. A high degree of performance culture, refinement, filigree finishing of all details, both vocal, instrumental, and dance - this is always the real art of these bands! The project is aimed at the unification of the peoples of Russia with the help of all intelligible "language" songs, music and dance, the revival and popularization of the national culture, the exchange of accumulated cultural professional experience by representatives of collectives from different regions of the country, as well as the dynamic development of choral and dance art! On the stage came more than a thousand participants: singers, dancers, musicians. In a word, the ARTISTS! The best samples of the choral and song genres were performed, and dancing will be performed!
  • National Show of Russia "Kostroma"
    We represent - super technological, phenomenal National Show of Russia "Kostroma" Ten tons of cargo, more than 600 unique costumes, 300 pieces of props, 50 artists on stage, virtuosic technique, excellent acting skills, 17 stage reincarnations. To create a large-scale historical canvas, which recreates the Great History of the Great Country, innovative equipment and the most advanced technologies, modern lighting and IT decoration of performances are involved. This - one of the secrets of the constant success of the creative team - both in Russia and abroad. The show program is widely used, revived pictures - video projections, heavy smoke and the starry sky, "know-how" of the show lightweight special road designs on the background of computer animation (each room has a unique animated film), framed by a symbolic trinity arch, recreate full - an epoch-making picture of a grandiose patriotic act. All this is a fantastic reality - a super technological, unique National Show of Russia "Kostroma" - the level of professional skill of artists, a parade of colors in numerous changes of costumes and scenery is a hymn of the Great History of the Great Country! The energy charge and life-giving force coming from the stage to the audience are obvious. The show has already watched over a million viewers around the world. In the opinion of the foreign press, Ballet's performances of Kostroma are a "visiting card" of Russia. About 45 countries in the world recognize international recognition, participate in the gala concert for the VIP guests of the International Olympic Committee in Sochi within the framework of the XXII Winter Olympic Games of 2014, highly appreciated by the leadership of the International Olympic Committee and personally its President, Mr. Thomas Bach. The large-scale historical play "The National Show of Russia" Kostroma "is a guidebook on the history and diversity of national cultures of the peoples of Russia and will be interesting and successful in all regions of Russia. All projects of the Russian National Ballet "Kostroma" have a patriotic content, they are socially oriented and, at the same time, by the admiring reviews of the audience, are spectacular and colorful.
    November 12, the Cultural Center "Moskvich" invites everyone to a solo concert by Radik Yulyakshin (Elvin Gray). The first album of this talented artist was called "The Shulai" and was released in 2006. Radik's unique talent was appreciated at numerous competitions and concerts. His performances are invariably accompanied by a sold-out. Since 2006, Radik has repeatedly been recognized as the best singer of the Republic of Bashkortostan; in 2012 he received the Grand Prix according to the version of "Tugan Tel." In 2013 he became the winner of the All-Russian competition "Sam Talent". In the same year he won the nomination "Audience Choice Award" and received the "Diploma of the 2nd degree" from the specialists of "Brilliant Media" (A. Pugacheva.) In the All-Russian contest "I am an Artist". Radik Yulyakshin / ELVIN GRAY has an unforgettable timbre, "velvet" voice. The manner of execution is unique. His living voice keeps and does not let go your heart, soul. In this there is a feeling of happiness, a piece of beauty and a sea of ​​tenderness. He is the first performer in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, who came to the Russian show business from the national stage. Creativity of the performer is in demand not only in the Republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, but also far beyond their borders. Radik Yulyakshin actively tours the Russian Federation and near abroad. Music to their songs and arrangements, "Elvin Gray" does himself. The program "Most Shulai" will feature the best musical compositions by Radik Yulyakshin for the entire period of his work. You will get a real pleasure from the "live" concert of the star of the Tatar-Bashkir and Russian stage.
    From 22 to 29 September, the State Kremlin Palace traditionally held the International Ballet Festival in the Kremlin on its stage. For connoisseurs of ballet art, a rich program of the fifth and jubilee Festival was prepared, which included the brightest performances of the Kremlin Ballet Theater with the participation of invited stars of the world ballet from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands and the Republic of Cuba. Producer of the Festival is the General Director of Globex Promotion, Honored Artist of Russia Aidar M. Shaydullin. Within the framework of the Festival, eminent artists from different countries demonstrated their talent and unique technique to the audience by performing the main parts in the performances of the Kremlin Ballet Theater: September 22 "Swan Lake" - Hee Seo (AVT - American Ballet Theater, USA) and Thiago Soares (Royal Ballet "Covent Garden", Great Britain); On September 24, "Giselle" - Matilde Fruste (Grand Opera Theater, France and the San Francisco Ballet Theater, USA) and Istvan Simon (Dresden Ballet, Germany and the National Ballet, Hungary); September 25, "Don Quixote" - Vientsei Valdez and Dani Hernandez (National Ballet of Cuba, Republic of Cuba); September 27 "Sleeping Beauty" - Lyudmila Konovalova (Ballet Theater of the Vienna State Opera, Austria) and Robert Gabdullin (Ballet Theater of the Vienna State Opera, Austria); September 29, La Bayadère - Maria Kochetkova (San Francisco Ballet Theater and American Ballet Theater (AVT), USA) and Herman Corneo (American Ballet Theater, USA). During its existence, the Festival was awarded high audience recognition. Among the guest stars of past years, the artists of the best troupes of the world: the Royal Ballet "Covent Garden", the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, the La Scala Theater, the English National Ballet, the Ballet of Monte Carlo, the Mariinsky Theater, the ballet of the National Opera of Bordeaux, the National Ballet of the Netherlands, the Ballet of Korea, the Ballet of the Vienna Opera, the Azerbaijan Opera and Ballet Theater, the National Ballet of Norway, the Ballet of the Dresden State Opera, the Dortmund Ballet and others. Today the theater "Kremlin Ballet" is the highest and most cherished culture of classical dance, it is a troupe with a unique creative face and original artistic handwriting.
  • A new look at the music of the legendary group "Kino"
    The "Kino" group is the largest art phenomenon born of the national rock culture, and its leader - the songwriter, singer, guitarist, actor and artist - Viktor Tsoy became, in the words of one of his songs, the "last hero" of the golden era of Russian rock. The legendary songs of the "Kino" group are not simply replayed in symphonic processing, it is a great show, in which the rock group "Black Square", whose soloist is almost impossible to distinguish from Viktor Tsoi, and a large orchestra take part. It is worth noting that original musical scores were developed for the project separately, the best specialists from Russia and Belarus worked on them. A magnificent creative union presented the audience with stylistically aged, diverse works of rare symphony. Undoubtedly, the program "We are waiting for change" is a musical diamond, which is the work of Viktor Tsoi, who received a new cut! A unique show "Legendary songs of the group" CINEMA "(" Symphonic Cucumbers ") will not leave anyone indifferent as fans of the talent of Viktor Tsoi, and fans of Russian rock music in general. The project is a grandiose show, in which a symphony orchestra and a professional rock band take part. This is a new, reinterpreted view of the creative work of "CINEMA". The orchestra is headed by the chief conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus Viktor Babarikin, a professional with a capital letter. Behind him a lot of experience with Russian and world stars of rock - for example, the maestro was a conductor during a concert of the band "Scorpions" with a symphony orchestra. The songs "CINEMA" will be performed by Igor Sokolov and the group "Sunny Days" (ex-group "Black Square") is a recognized tribute band that won the hearts of many admirers of Viktor Tsoi's creativity, performing with his songs all over Russia and abroad! The legendary group "CINEMA" is the largest art phenomenon born of the national rock culture, and its leader Viktor Tsoi became, in the words of one of his songs, "the last hero" of the golden era of Russian rock. The project "Symphonic Cucumbers" will give viewers the opportunity to see the songs of the idol in a new light, appreciating their beauty through the prism of symphonic music.
  • Wind of change
    The grandiose project "Uzgaresh zhile" (Wind of Changes) started in the music space. The project is held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan. December 4, 2016 in the State Kremlin Palace for the first time will be a gala concert of laureates of the international festival of the Tatar song "Yzgәreshşile" ("Wind of Changes"). The winners of the festival will be represented in Moscow, which takes place in several cities of Russia, including Kazan! The laureates of the festival are the best performers of the Tatar song, selected by a competent jury ... The idea of ​​raising the Tatar estrada to a new level belongs to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. It was announced at the end of March 2015. Since the spring of 2015, the best, according to experts, young performers of the Tatar song were selected from a huge number of applicants. All the performers with higher conservatory education! "These are our favorite singers, including vocalists, young people living in Tatarstan and Russia, as well as vocalists living in Moscow, including participants in the Golos project, Yazil Mukhametov and Rumiy Niyazov." The main goal of the project is to enter the world music arena, as well as to promote Tatar variety art in Russia and abroad. The director of the project "Uzgaresh zhile" Yuri Alexandrov is a man of world renown. "60 arrangements have been made," said one of the most eminent Russian directors in an interview with Tatar-Inorm. "I think in the course will go somewhere in the region of 50. That is, it's a huge story! Selected for the final gala concert will be even less and only the best! The project allows only "live" sound, "live" vocal performance, and focuses on the lack of computer processing of voice. The musical director of the production is the trumpet virtuoso, band leader, teacher and TV presenter Vadim Eilenkrig. A young musician with a world name has repeatedly visited Kazan, and considers it a native city. "In my orchestra every person is a star," the head of the orchestra said in an interview with Tatar-inform. - If you look at it - this is a colossal level. We took the horn players and the string band, and they are at the highest level. I now live this project, I'm burning this project. " The stage and concert artist Viktor Gerasimenko is engaged in decorating the festival scene. Scenographer has designed over 150 musical, theatrical, dramatic performances abroad, in Russian cities, including Kazan. His sketches already created a unique design with a control panel that will help convey the spirit of Tatar songs. "Now, this transparency, what there is in Tatar music, some lyricism will be transmitted through the scenery," the master promised. - Today we are opening new guys, young absolutely. And as it were, the flower opens and releases a new talent. " Throughout the year, the participants are invited to Moscow by the teachers on vocals - Alexei and Ksenia Korobkov. In June, the first stage rehearsals took place. Curator of pop and jazz music departments, drummer of the legendary group "Resurrection" Alexei Korobkov believes that all of his wards are self-sufficient and professional people. "Thanks to those who made the casting and selected the project participants. Thank you so much. Because all participants of the project were very flexible, capable and understanding, "Korobkov said. "This project is not just timely, it is also beautifully conceived," says Vadim Dulat-Aleev, doctor of art history, professor at the Kazan Conservatory. "Our favorite songs will find that cut that will allow the golden fund of Tatar songs to sparkle with the gold that it is," says Dulat-Aleev. "In fact, the most important task is being solved. Because we are already very close to the fact that the cultural connection will be interrupted, and many things can already be learned only from books, "said the professor. For the appearance of the artists, a luxury retailer, the VIP Group, undertook. Each participant of the project will appear before the audience in an individual, specially designed for each artist contemporary stage image! Costumes and style for artists - no less important components for general perception ... Do not miss the most grandiose and expected Tatar variety show of 2016!
  • Metallica Show» – Scream Inc
    Rock and symphonic music - these concepts for a long time do not seem so far for true music lovers. Classics and modernity merge together and appear before the listener in all their unique mystical beauty. Many of the giants of rock'n'roll have already successfully tested themselves in this genre, which fans still remember about! Among the rockers who experimented with the orchestra, perhaps the most memorable was the legendary band Metallica. It's been more than 15 years since the release of the famous Metallica album "S & M". In the distant 1999, the legendary work of legend, a double concert record, recorded together with the symphony orchestra of San Francisco, was published. On the album, the band sang songs from all at that time of their own studio albums apart from "Kill 'Em All", adding them with two new songs - "No Leaf Clover" and "Human". The success was great! And now, after a long time, you can see the reincarnation of the legend and again hear the imperishable hits with the symphony orchestra performed by the official tribute band Metallica, it can be confidently said that such a concert will not leave indifferent any of the connoisseurs of rock music. Especially since the tribute band Metallica (Scream Inc.) is a recognized master of his art and within the framework of a unique program the band performs with a real big symphony orchestra under the authority of an authoritative conductor. In their unprecedented project and the orchestra completely recreate the live album Metallica "S & M". In the recent big tour around Russia, the tribute band Metallica and the symphony orchestra performed everywhere with deafening success, collecting full halls and receiving excellent reviews and recognition, both from professional journalists and from fans. Concerts at the best venues were visited by a total of more than 10 000 spectators, in each city and the show there was a grand triumph! Tour secured for Scream Inc. the glory of true professionals of rock music and true followers of the cause of grants. The band has been performing since 2008, and during this time the band gave more than 300 concerts in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and also participated in many festivals, the most famous of which were the Global Battle of The Bands, Pro Rock and Monsters of Rock Remake Show. In 2013, the group received the status of official Metallica tribute band with the right to perform, as well as the use of their songs. Tribute-band Metallica with a large symphony orchestra is a truly exclusive program, which has no analogues in Russia! Such a grandiose show will be remembered for the spectators forever and will impress any, even the most experienced fan of the group "Metallica", rock and music in general. The project "Metallica with symphonic orchestra" is headed by the artistic director and chief conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, an outstanding musician, Honored Artist of Belarus Viktor Babarikin well known to rock music lovers to work with the legendary band Scorpions, Alesandro Safina, Sarah Connor and others. In 2000, the Moscow Government established the Moscow Symphony Orchestra "The Russian Philharmonic" - the first and only Moscow large symphony orchestra for the whole long history of the capital, guided by the goal of turning Moscow into the leading cultural capital of the world. Confirming the status of the orchestra of the new millennium, the "Russian Philharmonic" works as an independent concert and producer organization of all its events, annually conducting only in Moscow more than 80 concerts. It remains to add that when preparing the Metallica Show with the symphony orchestra, the best technical experts from Russia and Belarus are involved, the number of the newest equipment involved in the show is slightly different from the technical requirements of the Metallica group itself. A perfect sound and light awaits you! Metallica Show - Scream Inc. with the symphonic orchestra "Russian Philharmonic" under the direction of Viktor Babarikin - this is truly an exclusive program, which has no analogues in Russia! Such a grandiose show will be remembered for the spectators forever and will impress any, even the most experienced fan of Metallica, rock and music in general
  • Swan Lake in the project "Interesting facts about theater"
    The performance of the classical ballet "Swan Lake" in the project "It is interesting about the theater" Educational creative project "It is interesting about the theater" realizes the goal of cultural education of the modern spectator. Before the performance, the presenter - the candidate of art criticism, the theater critic, the columnist of the magazine "Ballet" Roman Volodchenkov, will tell about the great choreographers Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, as well as the history of the creation of the ballet "Swan Lake" by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. "Swan Lake" - the most famous ballet in the world, the true symbol of Russian ballet. The plot is based on an old legend about the beautiful princess Odette, turned into a swan by the curse of the evil sorcerer Rothbart. "Swan Lake" - Fairytale story, the charm of classical dance, spiritualized plastic drawing, the magic harmony of music and choreography.
  • February 28, 2016. MOSCOW. National Music Award "BOLGAR RADIO"!
    The national music award "Bolgar Radio" - the annual music award, which was established by the radio station "Bulgarian Radio"! The laureates of the award are the performers who won the first places in the audience voting in the program "Musical Diste" on the channel TNV, which is held since January 2015. It is noteworthy that the winners can easily be songs of both experienced and famous artists, as well as compositions of young performers, because the best of the best determines the viewer. It is the objective voting of viewers that allows the "Bulgarian Radio" award to open new names in the Tatar stage, and to appear in new bright images for a long time familiar and beloved by all the artists. Among the nominees of the award, such names as Khania Farkhi, Zainab Farhetdinova and Zufar Bilalov, Guzel Urazova and Ildar Khakimov, Filyus Kagirov, Rishat Tukhvatullin, Radik Yulyakshin, Marcel Vagizov, Firdus Tyamaev, Danir Sabirov, Ilham Valiev, IleSaf , duet of Marat & Arthur, Zhavit and Zulfiya Shakirovs, Kazan Egetlare, Alsu Abulkhanova, Gulsiren Abdullina, Razil Kamalov and Rafina Ganyullina, ALSU, Kamil Larin, Shurale group, Tatar State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan State Conservatory orchestra Vator "Tatarica" ​​and other ... The leading TV channels TNV and Bolgar-radio will appear before you in completely unexpected interesting and new formats! All this is to be seen by all guests of one of the most anticipated musical events of the Tatar stage, which will become a real festival of live Tatar music and Tatar pop songs ... During the concert, TV shooting will be made ..
  • Юбилей примадонны татарской эстрады Хании Фархи в Кремле! Anniversary of the prima donna of the Tatar stage Khania Farhi in the Kremlin!
    A big concert dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the legendary singer! Hania Farhi will be congratulated by the brightest stars of the Russian and Tatar stage, such as: People's Artist of Russia Alexander Serov - favorite singer of the jubilee and millions of listeners of our country, the legendary group "Na-Na" under Barry Alibasov, People's Artist of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan Renat Ibragimov, People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Bashkortostan Aidar Galimov, Honored Artist of Russia and People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Albert Asadullin, a fascinating duet of People's Artists of the Republic of Tatarstan Zainab F archetdinova and Zufara Bilalova, rapidly gaining stellar popularity Radik Yulyakshin (Elvin Gray), People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, beautiful Alsu, youth group "Kazan egetlyare", Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Elmira Kalimullina (show "Voice" 1st TV channel) and one of the most beautiful singers and leading modern Tatar entertainers, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Alsu Abulkhanova, magnificent, possessing a powerful and heartfelt voice, Filyuz Kagirov (Golden voice of Tatarstan, laureate of M.Jalil Prize ) And Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Marseille Vagizov, chanson star Rinat Safin, Danir Sabirov, Renate Ilyasova and many other popular and great artists! The jubilee program will feature the best popular hits, so beloved by the Tatar people, as well as new songs about the main thing! The trio of flamboyant virtuosos - bayanists and merry bright Tatar and Bashkir dances performed by the Bashkir State Academic Dance Ensemble named after Fayzi Gaskarova, will also be one of the decorations of the concert and will leave unforgettable impressions and unconditional pride in the beautiful original culture of the Tatar-Bashkir people. Chania Farhi - People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the most popular and significant artists of the Tatar variety. Possessing a unique voice, emotional and soulful manner of performance, Hania Farhi, who has been enjoying the enormous popularity and sincere love of hundreds of thousands of listeners for more than 30 years, she became a truly national singer. The extensive concert repertoire of Hania Farhi includes hundreds of variety, Tatar and Bashkir folk songs and today it is one of the most sought-after artists of the Tatar variety. Throughout her creative work, Hania Farkha revealed the talent of many young artists who later continued their independent creative activity. Also, Haniya Farhi is the artistic director of the popular vocal-instrumental variety ensemble "Bayram". To date, 18 talented young artists work in the ensemble "Bayram". The singer was very popular with songs: "Әldermeshk kaitam әle" (I'll return back to Aldermysh), "Sagynam cine Pitrych" (I miss you, Pestreets). "Sagynam blue Pitrych" - a song written by the singer herself, after which Chania "woke up famous." Popular songs of the singer, besides the above-mentioned ones: "Үpkәlәsәң, әdә, үpkәlә" (You are offended, so take offense), "Onytylyr Dim" (Do not Say You Will Be Forgotten), "Kazan Kichlre" (Kazan Evenings), "Kyshky Chia" (Winter Cherry ). In the repertoire of Hania Farhi more than 300 songs. People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Chania Farhi is a laureate of many national prizes, as well as the only singer who was awarded the national award "Golden Leopard" 15 times! On the "Walk of Stars" in Kazan, her name star
  • International Festival of Classic Ballet named after Rudolf Nuriyev
    International Festival of Classic Ballet named after Rudolf Nuriyev The first festival of classical ballet dancing was held in 1987. It has been a prestigious event since then and attracts more and more audience from year to year. It is not surprising as V. Vasilyev, Ye. Maksimova, G. Komleva, N. Dolgushin, N. Grachyova, K. Kyrb, L. Kunakova, N. Pavlova, T. Chernobrovkina, V. Grigoryev, A. Dorosh, L. Shipulina, Ye. Knyazkova, I. Shapchits (Zavyalova), U. Lopatkina and Yu. Makhalina were among the guests of the festival. We can hardly mention all "stars", taking part in the festival performances. The leading ballet dancers of the Tatar theatre are worth being compared with the guest artists. The event got the status of international festival in 1992. The "Nutcracker" ballet, performed on May 21, 1992 was not only the highlight of the program, but also a sensation, as legendary Rudolf Nuriyev conducted the orchestra. After the performance, which was a great success, outstanding ballet dancer agreed to give his name to the festival.


    GEORGIAN LEGEND  is a music and dance show which has duly deserved world recognition. The latest advancements in the show-making technology went into putting this worlds major multimillion-budget musical choreographic sensation on stage. The show, retracing the centuries-old history of the arts of dance and music in Georgia and the rest of the Caucasus, is appropriately considered a truly stunning musical event.
  • "Spirit of the Dance"
    Spirit of the Dance The International smash hit "Spirit of the Dance" is one of the most successful shows ever to come out of Ireland and has been seen by more than twenty five million people in fifteen countries around the world. Theatres everywhere report record breaking ticket sales as soon as a performance is announced.
  • State Academic Folk Dance Company Republic of Bashkortostan

    Information about the State Academic Folk Dance Company named after Faizi Gaskarov

    Republic of Bashkortostan

    Bashkortostan - is one of the largest republics of the Russian Federation, fertile land, spread out among the forts of the South Urals, where Europe and Asia. This region, which holds in its bosom untold wealth of natural resources, the land of gray mountains and vast steppes, clear rivers and lakes. The beauty of his native land generously nurtures the art of Bashkir.

    FIRE OF ANATOLIA Fire of Anatolia’s basic concept is the meeting of civilizations. It is a dance portrait aiming at the meeting of eastern and western cultures, giving universal messages of peace. It presents the world a show, a cultural feast at modern standards, combining folk dances with ballet, modern dance and other disciplines of dance.
  • River North Chicago Dance Company
    River North Chicago Dance Company celebrates its 20th Anniversary Season in 2009/2010.  Founded in 1989 by four visionary dancers/choreographers the company has established itself as one of Chicago’s leading dance companies, receiving critical acclaim both on a national and international level.  Under the direction of Artistic Director Frank Chaves, the jazz-based contemporary company embodies a true flavor of “Americana” in its dynamic repertoire.
  • Morihiro Iwata and stars of japanese ballet
     On November 8, 2010 at 19:00 on the stage of Moscow State Estrada Theater a unique ballet project “Morihiro Iwata and Japanese Ballet Stars” will be presented to Moscow audience in the framework of the festival “Japanese Autumn” (supported by Embassy of Japan in Moscow).
  • Maxim Fedotov
     "Fedotov - Conductor is distinguished for a sense of tempo and proportion, unerring dramatic flair. He has the happy ability to breathe new life into the well-known music"(Moscow News, 12 - 18.10.2007).