Fire of Anatolia’s basic concept is the meeting of civilizations. It is a dance portrait aiming at the meeting of eastern and western cultures, giving universal messages of peace.

It presents the world a show, a cultural feast at modern standards, combining folk dances with ballet, modern dance and other disciplines of dance.

Fire of Anatolia, originating from the mythological and cultural history of Anatolia lasted for thousands of years, is a unique project that bears 3,000 dance figures and the music of the Anatolian people, which are compiled from almost every region of Anatolia. The project created by Mustafa Erdoğan aims to introduce the whole world the fire of Anatolia, which is based on the idea of combining the concept of “peace” with Anatolia’s cultural and historical mosaic of thousands of years.

Mustafa Erdoğan, who had taken his first step towards realizing a dream of long years in 1999, started intensive rehearsals requiring heavy work for the project that was formerly known as the “Sultans of the Dance”. First, ads were given out in newspapers, stating “dancers are wanted”. 750 people had applied. Among 750 people, 90 young people were selected and then a difficult working period that would last for one and a half year has started. Practices were lasting 8 hours and sometimes 16 hours a day… Costumes were prepared, and musical compositions were completed. Practices were performed in cooperation with estheticians, exercise instructors, dieticians, and massage professionals. In addition, stretching and yoga exercises were made. And then, concentration was mainly over steps of folk dances, ballet, and modern dancing techniques. Dancers have also taken theoretical lessons about the notation of the Anatolian rhythms.

And, after performing 3 – 4 shows beginning since May 3, 2001, another show was planned to be put on stage abroad, however because all the tickets were sold for the show in Turkey months in advance, it has been decided to continue the show in homeland. All over the world, Fire of Anatolia, having started its first world tour in 2002, from New Zealand to America, from Siberia to Bahrain, was viewed by more than 20 million viewers in 3000 performances in 85 countries (the company performed in many countries for more than once).

Being deemed as one of the very numbered dance companies of the world by means of the tours in foreign countries and promotion activities till today, Fire of Anatolia is the most splendid show that became universal with the power of our national culture.

Fire of Anatolia left a big mark in big organizations held in our country, such as Eurovision 2004, Formula 2005 and Universiade 2005, FIBA 2010 World Basketball championship and Universiade 2011 Erzurum Winter Games’ opening and closing ceremonies and opening ceremony of Trabzon 2011 European Youth Olympic Festival. In addition to this, the company has performed  in the globally known organizations such as Formula 1 in Bahrain, at the 15th Asian Olympic Games in Qatar, 2008 Beijing Olympiad Games in China, Expo Zaragoza 2008 in Spain, ITB Berlin Tourism Exhibition and Expo Hannover in Germany and  Shanghai Expo 2010 Tourism Exhibition in China.

Fire of Anatolia, with its `Fire of Anatolia Evolution and Troy’ performances, performed at the most prestigious places throughout the world, such as Madison Square Garden, New York and Chicago Theater, Chicago, USA;  Palais de Congress, Bercy and Trocadero Square- in front of the Eiffel Tower, France; The Great Hall of the People (Parliament), China; Kremlin Palace, Moscow, Russia; in front of the Giza Pyramids and the Citadel of Saladin, Egypt; Munich Olymphiahalle, Germany; Empire Theater, England; Forest National, Belgium; Irinis Ke Fillias, Greece and the Carthage Amphithetare, Tunusia; Sabratha Antique Theatre, Libya and applauded by the art lovers on foot.

Worldwide known Fire of Anatolia regularly performs for 3 days a week during May-November every summer at Antalya Gloria Aspendos Arena which is its own venue and presents in such performances our national cultural prosperity to tourists visiting our country.

The company is able to perform at 3 different places around the world at the same time, thanks to its team of 250 dancers.