State Academic Folk Dance Company Republic of Bashkortostan

Information about the State Academic Folk Dance Company named after Faizi Gaskarov

Republic of Bashkortostan

Bashkortostan – is one of the largest republics of the Russian Federation, fertile land, spread out among the forts of the South Urals, where Europe and Asia. This region, which holds in its bosom untold wealth of natural resources, the land of gray mountains and vast steppes, clear rivers and lakes. The beauty of his native land generously nurtures the art of Bashkir.

Create a professional dance folk group – the task set before him in 1939, the founder of folk dance ensemble of Bashkortostan – his manager and creative leader Faizi Gaskarov. A talented choreographer, subtle and profound artist, F. Gaskarov correctly guessed the essence of Bashkir folk dance, made him close and understandable to people of different nationalities. Today on the scene eighth generation of artists. Youth cherishes and develops the traditions of their glorious predecessors.

Name Faizi Gaskarov awarded the team in 1989. In December 1996 the Russian Ministry of Culture ensemble of high rank “Academic”. Creative team Ensemble has 80 employees. Artistic director – the Honored Artist of Russia, Folk artists Republic of Bashkortostan Absatarova Guzel and Abdulmanov Rim, Accompanies performance – orchestr, led by Honored Artist of Russia, Honoured Artist Republic of Bashkortostan – Muratshin Rif.

The ensemble has toured extensively abroad, in Russian cities. The team visited more than 60 countries around the world, surprising and delighting people with his art, adding to their creative “baggage” with new dance. Creative ensemble’s repertoire includes more than 170 dances. It dances of the peoples of the world, dances of the peoples of Russia and the Republic of Bashkortostan. Latest travel group – Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland,France, South Korea, Italy & others.

The State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble named after Faizi Gaskarov Republic of Bashkortostan always acts with unfailing success. Applause and sympathy of all who met him at different latitudes and meridians of our planet – the proof of people’s love and worldwide recognition.