Wind of change

The grandiose project “Uzgaresh zhile” (Wind of Changes) started in the music space. The project is held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan.
December 4, 2016 in the State Kremlin Palace for the first time will be a gala concert of laureates of the international festival of the Tatar song “Yzgәreshşile” (“Wind of Changes”). The winners of the festival will be represented in Moscow, which takes place in several cities of Russia, including Kazan!
The laureates of the festival are the best performers of the Tatar song, selected by a competent jury …
The idea of ​​raising the Tatar estrada to a new level belongs to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. It was announced at the end of March 2015.
Since the spring of 2015, the best, according to experts, young performers of the Tatar song were selected from a huge number of applicants. All the performers with higher conservatory education! “These are our favorite singers, including vocalists, young people living in Tatarstan and Russia, as well as vocalists living in Moscow, including participants in the Golos project, Yazil Mukhametov and Rumiy Niyazov.”
The main goal of the project is to enter the world music arena, as well as to promote Tatar variety art in Russia and abroad.
The director of the project “Uzgaresh zhile” Yuri Alexandrov is a man of world renown. “60 arrangements have been made,” said one of the most eminent Russian directors in an interview with Tatar-Inorm. “I think in the course will go somewhere in the region of 50. That is, it’s a huge story! Selected for the final gala concert will be even less and only the best!
The project allows only “live” sound, “live” vocal performance, and focuses on the lack of computer processing of voice. The musical director of the production is the trumpet virtuoso, band leader, teacher and TV presenter Vadim Eilenkrig. A young musician with a world name has repeatedly visited Kazan, and considers it a native city. “In my orchestra every person is a star,” the head of the orchestra said in an interview with Tatar-inform. – If you look at it – this is a colossal level. We took the horn players and the string band, and they are at the highest level. I now live this project, I’m burning this project. ”
The stage and concert artist Viktor Gerasimenko is engaged in decorating the festival scene. Scenographer has designed over 150 musical, theatrical, dramatic performances abroad, in Russian cities, including Kazan. His sketches already created a unique design with a control panel that will help convey the spirit of Tatar songs. “Now, this transparency, what there is in Tatar music, some lyricism will be transmitted through the scenery,” the master promised. – Today we are opening new guys, young absolutely. And as it were, the flower opens and releases a new talent. ”
Throughout the year, the participants are invited to Moscow by the teachers on vocals – Alexei and Ksenia Korobkov. In June, the first stage rehearsals took place. Curator of pop and jazz music departments, drummer of the legendary group “Resurrection” Alexei Korobkov believes that all of his wards are self-sufficient and professional people. “Thanks to those who made the casting and selected the project participants. Thank you so much. Because all participants of the project were very flexible, capable and understanding, “Korobkov said.
“This project is not just timely, it is also beautifully conceived,” says Vadim Dulat-Aleev, doctor of art history, professor at the Kazan Conservatory. “Our favorite songs will find that cut that will allow the golden fund of Tatar songs to sparkle with the gold that it is,” says Dulat-Aleev. “In fact, the most important task is being solved. Because we are already very close to the fact that the cultural connection will be interrupted, and many things can already be learned only from books, “said the professor.
For the appearance of the artists, a luxury retailer, the VIP Group, undertook. Each participant of the project will appear before the audience in an individual, specially designed for each artist contemporary stage image! Costumes and style for artists – no less important components for general perception …
Do not miss the most grandiose and expected Tatar variety show of 2016!