National Show of Russia “Kostroma”


We represent – super technological, phenomenal
National Show of Russia “Kostroma”

Ten tons of cargo, more than 600 unique costumes, 300 pieces of props, 50 artists on stage, virtuosic technique, excellent acting skills, 17 stage reincarnations.
To create a large-scale historical canvas, which recreates the Great History of the Great Country, innovative equipment and the most advanced technologies, modern lighting and IT decoration of performances are involved. This – one of the secrets of the constant success of the creative team – both in Russia and abroad.
The show program is widely used, revived pictures – video projections, heavy smoke and the starry sky, “know-how” of the show lightweight special road designs on the background of computer animation (each room has a unique animated film), framed by a symbolic trinity arch, recreate full – an epoch-making picture of a grandiose patriotic act. All this is a fantastic reality – a super technological, unique National Show of Russia “Kostroma” – the level of professional skill of artists, a parade of colors in numerous changes of costumes and scenery is a hymn of the Great History of the Great Country!
The energy charge and life-giving force coming from the stage to the audience are obvious. The show has already watched over a million viewers around the world. In the opinion of the foreign press, Ballet’s performances of Kostroma are a “visiting card” of Russia.
About 45 countries in the world recognize international recognition, participate in the gala concert for the VIP guests of the International Olympic Committee in Sochi within the framework of the XXII Winter Olympic Games of 2014, highly appreciated by the leadership of the International Olympic Committee and personally its President, Mr. Thomas Bach.
The large-scale historical play “The National Show of Russia” Kostroma “is a guidebook on the history and diversity of national cultures of the peoples of Russia and will be interesting and successful in all regions of Russia.
All projects of the Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” have a patriotic content, they are socially oriented and, at the same time, by the admiring reviews of the audience, are spectacular and colorful.