For the first time in the post-Soviet space, 40 years later, the renowned academic choir and dance groups in the festival program gathered in the State Kremlin Palace!


State Academic Russian Folk Choir named after M. Pyatnitsky
Moscow State Academic Dance Theater “Gzhel”
State Academic Ryazan Russian Folk Choir named after E. Popov
State Academic Orenburg Russian Folk Choir
State Academic Voronezh Choir named after Mussalitinov
State Academic Dance Ensemble “Alan”
The Tatar State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan
The Volga State Russian Folk Choir named after P.Miloslavov
State Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Republic of Komi named after V. Morozov “Asya Kya”
State Orchestra of the Moscow Regional Philharmonic Society “Guslar of Russia”
State Children’s Song and Dance Ensemble named after Loktev and others.

Folk songs and dances are masterpieces that make up a powerful layer of Russian culture. This is what is called a cultural heritage. The bearers of this culture, the guarantors of their safety, augmentation and continuation of the song and dance tradition from generation to generation are folk choral and dance groups of our Motherland

The festival “DANCE AND SING, MY RUSSIA!” Is a program of peace and good, in which some of the best academic choir and dance groups of Russia will take part. A high degree of performance culture, refinement, filigree finishing of all details, both vocal, instrumental, and dance – this is always the real art of these bands!

The project is aimed at the unification of the peoples of Russia with the help of all intelligible “language” songs, music and dance, the revival and popularization of the national culture, the exchange of accumulated cultural professional experience by representatives of collectives from different regions of the country, as well as the dynamic development of choral and dance art!

On the stage came more than a thousand participants: singers, dancers, musicians. In a word, the ARTISTS! The best samples of the choral and song genres were performed, and dancing will be performed!