On March 18, 2018 the main stage of Russia will celebrate the International day of theater and dance with the state academic ensembles of Russia in the unique program DANCE AND SING, MY RUSSIA!.
For the first time in 40 years the glorified academic choir and dance ensembles come together at the State Kremlin Palace!

National songs and dances are the masterpieces representing a big part of the Russian culture. It is what is called cultural heritage. Carriers of this culture, guarantors of their safety, enhancement and continuation of song and dancing tradition from generation to generation are the national choral and dancing collectives of Russia.
DANCE AND SING, MY RUSSIA! is a program of peace and goodwill engaging some of the best academic choral and dancing ensembles of Russia. High level of culture of performance, elegance, filigree finishing of all vocal, instrumental, and dancing details!
The project is aimed at unification of the people of Russia with the help of the language of song, music and dance, revival and promoting of national culture, exchange of the accumulated cultural professional experience by representatives of groups from different regions of the country, and also to the dynamic development of choral and dancing art!
More than one thousand participants will step on the stage: singers, dancers, musicians. In a word – the real ARTISTS! The best samples of choral and song genres will be performed, with fiery and popular dances!
The concert will be filmed for broadcasting.