Symphonic “KINO” / “Legendary songs of the group” KINO “with symphonic orchestra !!!

October 26, 2018 at 19:00, the State Kremlin Palace!

This evening, Yuri Kasparian, Alexander Tsoi and the symphonic orchestra “Golden Age” under Anton Shaburov will perform the songs of the “Kino” group, beloved by the listeners.

Original music scores by Igor Vdovin, lighting design and multimedia video content by Alexander Tsoi were developed for the project taking into account modern specifics and nuances.
Unprecedented design, which has no analogues on the domestic stage and is so warmly received by the public, shows how to translate into reality the catch phrase “Tsoi Zhiv!”. Thanks to this format, it was possible to create not just an illusion, but a visible, tangible and beautiful reality.

Conductor Anton Shaburov: “Now it’s mandatory for the world’s top orchestras – to have in our catalog a program dedicated to the best rock samples. 15-16 years ago, the London Symphony Orchestra released a whole disc of symphonic versions of the songs of bands Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen and so on. Of course, in the territory of the CIS, snobbish remnants in academia have remained here and there, but this is already dying out. Symphonic rock is the reality of today. ”

A real gift for the fans was the participation in the project of Yuri Kasparian “native speaker”. The unrepeatable, recognizable from the first note the riff of his guitar, as if carrying us at that time and makes us feel and understand the songs of the “Kino” group even deeper. Polished melodic lines, quivering arrangement, principled preservation of accents exactly where Viktor Tsoi left them, as well as voluminous and enveloping sound-all this is already “Symphonic Cinema”

Yuri Kasparian: “Interesting sensations, drowning in the sea of ​​music, you forget yourself. Right now I almost like everything, the first steps were, let’s say, enthusiastically, but musically not very confident, but now a good level, I like it. The songs of “Kino” are part of me, and I am a part of them. I like them, and I do not want to distance myself from them. ”

Son of rock musician Alexander Tsoi, created for the project multimedia content, fully reflecting the entire style of the group.

Since the premiere of the “Symphonic Film” project, success has confirmed that Viktor Tsoi still lives in the hearts of thousands of people, and the symphonic sound makes this project universal for understanding listeners of any rank and any musical preference.
“Symphonic Cinema” is an original creation, completely inspired by the poetic and compositional genius of Viktor Tsoi.

This is something more than just beautiful melodies – this is a fascinating show, from which the “goose bumps” are running around the body …
A unique show, for the anniversary of the album “Blood Group”, will not leave indifferent not only fans of Viktor Tsoi and the “Kino” group, but also all fans of Russian rock. 100% live sound!