Metallica Show» – Scream Inc

Rock and symphonic music – these concepts for a long time do not seem so far for true music lovers. Classics and modernity merge together and appear before the listener in all their unique mystical beauty. Many of the giants of rock’n'roll have already successfully tested themselves in this genre, which fans still remember about! Among the rockers who experimented with the orchestra, perhaps the most memorable was the legendary band Metallica.
It’s been more than 15 years since the release of the famous Metallica album “S & M”. In the distant 1999, the legendary work of legend, a double concert record, recorded together with the symphony orchestra of San Francisco, was published. On the album, the band sang songs from all at that time of their own studio albums apart from “Kill ‘Em All”, adding them with two new songs – “No Leaf Clover” and “Human”. The success was great!
And now, after a long time, you can see the reincarnation of the legend and again hear the imperishable hits with the symphony orchestra performed by the official tribute band Metallica, it can be confidently said that such a concert will not leave indifferent any of the connoisseurs of rock music.

Especially since the tribute band Metallica (Scream Inc.) is a recognized master of his art and within the framework of a unique program the band performs with a real big symphony orchestra under the authority of an authoritative conductor. In their unprecedented project and the orchestra completely recreate the live album Metallica “S & M”.

In the recent big tour around Russia, the tribute band Metallica and the symphony orchestra performed everywhere with deafening success, collecting full halls and receiving excellent reviews and recognition, both from professional journalists and from fans. Concerts at the best venues were visited by a total of more than 10 000 spectators, in each city and the show there was a grand triumph! Tour secured for Scream Inc. the glory of true professionals of rock music and true followers of the cause of grants.

The band has been performing since 2008, and during this time the band gave more than 300 concerts in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and also participated in many festivals, the most famous of which were the Global Battle of The Bands, Pro Rock and Monsters of Rock Remake Show. In 2013, the group received the status of official Metallica tribute band with the right to perform, as well as the use of their songs.

Tribute-band Metallica with a large symphony orchestra is a truly exclusive program, which has no analogues in Russia! Such a grandiose show will be remembered for the spectators forever and will impress any, even the most experienced fan of the group “Metallica”, rock and music in general.

The project “Metallica with symphonic orchestra” is headed by the artistic director and chief conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, an outstanding musician, Honored Artist of Belarus Viktor Babarikin well known to rock music lovers to work with the legendary band Scorpions, Alesandro Safina, Sarah Connor and others.

In 2000, the Moscow Government established the Moscow Symphony Orchestra “The Russian Philharmonic” – the first and only Moscow large symphony orchestra for the whole long history of the capital, guided by the goal of turning Moscow into the leading cultural capital of the world.

Confirming the status of the orchestra of the new millennium, the “Russian Philharmonic” works as an independent concert and producer organization of all its events, annually conducting only in Moscow more than 80 concerts.

It remains to add that when preparing the Metallica Show with the symphony orchestra, the best technical experts from Russia and Belarus are involved, the number of the newest equipment involved in the show is slightly different from the technical requirements of the Metallica group itself. A perfect sound and light awaits you!

Metallica Show – Scream Inc. with the symphonic orchestra “Russian Philharmonic” under the direction of Viktor Babarikin – this is truly an exclusive program, which has no analogues in Russia! Such a grandiose show will be remembered for the spectators forever and will impress any, even the most experienced fan of Metallica, rock and music in general